If your Domestic Worker works for you more than 24 hours per month,
it is your responsibility to register your employee for UIF

If your Business employs more than one employee, you are legally required to register for COIDA  and UIF

How It Works

Simply follow these three easy steps to complete your domestic UIF or COIDA registration:


Step 1

Register online above

Step 2

Choose the package best suited to your needs: 1. Domestic UIF 2. Business UIF 3.COIDA

Step 3

Fax or email your proof of payment to us. Register@domesticuif.co.za Coida@domesticuif.co.za

Are you paying your domestic worker the required minimum wage?

If you cannot answer yes to the above question click here.


Banking details:

Account name: The Registration Company
Bank: FNB – Fourways
Account Number: 62837323675
Branch Code: 250655
Current Account
Reference: Name & Surname/Business Name

Contact details:

Tel: 0671771229
Call times: 10am to 1pm Monday - Thursday
Friday closed for UIF submissions 

Please email us rather than call, in order for us to have a point of reference to refer to.

Fax: 086 603 9688

Email: register@domesticuif.co.za

Do not pay your UIF contributions to us. These are paid directly to the Department of Labour. We cannot keep track of the erroneous payments . Please contact us should you have paid us in error.