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Letter of Good Standing

How It Works and what we do

In order to apply for a Letter of Good Standing, your business needs to be registered with COIDA.

We will handle everything on your behalf and keep the process simple. You will not need to queue or visit the Department of Labour at all.

Registering with the Labour Department takes approximately 3 months. While our COID service takes 10-14 or the URENTpackage only 5 days.

We will provide you with simple registration information and get the Certificate of Good Standing for you once the assessment has been paid.

How do I get a Letter of Good Standing

If a person is registered with COIDA or Workman's Compensation as per Section 8 of the COID Act, he/she can apply for a Letter of Good Standing.The Letter of Good Standing states that you are compliant with the COIDA  Act and that your employee's are protected. This goes a long way in projecting a reliable image when tendering.

Follow the three simple steps below and start your registration now.

  1. Register on the form below or give us a call.
  2. Make Payment or request an invoice. 
  3. We send you all documents and assist you from here onward.
We send you your hassle free Letter of Good Standing. 

How long does a Letter of Good Standing last?

All Letters of Good Standing are valid untill the 30th of April every year. A Letter of Good Standing must be renewed yearly.  

Why do I need a Letter of Standing

The Letter of Good Standing ensures that injured employees can claim compensation for medical bills and injuries that may occur while in your employ.This ensures that you / the Company does not need to pay exhorbitant hospital bills and penalties. Your Company is thus protected and legal.

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Tel: 0671771229
Call times: 10am to 1pm Monday - Thursday
Friday closed for UIF submissions 

Please email us rather than call, in order for us to have a point of reference to refer to.

Fax: 086 603 9688


Do not pay your UIF contributions to us. These are paid directly to the Department of Labour. We cannot keep track of the erroneous payments . Please contact us should you have paid us in error.