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COIDA/Workman’s Compensation registration is now compulsory for Domestic Workers | All your COID and UIF requirements met in one place. We deal with all Business and Domestic UIF and COID Services. Your No 1 Administration Agency.

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Domestic UIF & payroll Agency

Domestic UIF was awarded the llembe
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We are a registered Labour practitioner at the UIF

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How to register your Domestic Worker for UIF

Did you know that Domestic UIF and COID registration can be simple!

Why queue and stress when we can do that for you?

The UIF and COID Domestic Workers Facts

Did you know that if you have a domestic worker, gardener, nanny or any other person working for you, for more than 24 hours per month, you need to be registered as a Domestic Worker's employer with the Department of Labour, and contribute towards the UIF fund?

Legally one also needs to be registered as an employer with COID/ Workman’s Compensation.

What Domestic UIF does for you.

We can assist you with both registration and Workman’s Compensation - COID .

We can also assist with facilitating arrears payments and get them up to date.

We offer once -off and a monthly service option whereby your employer legalities are always up to date and compliant.

You will not need to worry about any once-off admin or monthly requirements which are legally required when employing domestic workers.

We offer various packages to suit all your compliance needs as well as your budget.

Keep your Domestic worker UIF and COID registration simple!

Complete your the online registration and get up to date in three simple steps.

Three Easy steps to UIF and COID registration for your Domestic worker

Register in 3 easy steps


Step 1

Choose your package. We offer various options to suit any budget.

Step 2

Complete the online-registration 

Step 3

Make payment by PayPal or EFT and send us the proof of payment.
We keep things simple!

If Your Domestic Worker Works For You More Than 24 Hours Per Month, It Is Your Responsibility To Register Your Domestic Worker for UIF and COID.

COIDA And UIF Registrations Are Legally Required forr All Households And Businesses

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Do not pay your UIF contributions to us. These are paid directly to the Department of Labour. We cannot keep track of erroneous payments. Please contact us should you have paid us in error.

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NB: THIS IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT UIF OFFICE and a fee is charged for our services

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