Winner of the Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneurial award 2013 | Nominated for Chamber of Commerce Woman in Business award 2014


COIDA/Workman’s Compensation registration is now compulsory for Domestic Workers | All your COID and UIF requirements met in one place. We deal with all Business and Domestic UIF and COID Services. Your No 1 Administration Agency.

Domestic UIF - Who we are


Welcome to Domestic UIF

Domest UIF is the oldest and biggest Domestic UIF Agency in South Africa.

We are registered with the UIF as Labour practitioners our registration number being UP8779509717.

We have been assisting households and employers of Domestic Workers register for UIF successfully, since 2013.

Our concept was awarded the Illembe Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneurial award in 2013 and we were nominated for The Business Woman of the Year award as well!

We would love to assist you with all your Domestic Worker UIF compliance needs and make the process as simple as possible. We ensure that you stay legal at all times. This could save you thousands of rands should the wheels fall off!

Employing a Domestic worker for only 24 hours or more per month obligates you to register for UIF and COID. This equates to only ONE day per week. Legalities when employing a Domestic worker can be complicated and time-consuming.

Our UIF for Domestic worker service ensures that you stay legal and compliant, simply and affordably without any hassle at all.

You no longer need to deal with the UIF, COID, Department of Labour, issue payslips, contracts and much more.

One thing less to worry about! Domestic UIF is your solution to  Domestic UIF registration.

Do not pay your UIF contributions to us. These are paid directly to the Department of Labour. We cannot keep track of erroneous payments. Please contact us should you have paid us in error.

Contact details

NB: THIS IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT UIF OFFICE and a fee is charged for our services

067 177 1229 (9:30am to 3pm)

067 177 1229 (SMS)

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